Demnate and Ouzoud waterfalls

Demnate and Ouzoud waterfalls

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  • These splendid waterfalls of over one hundred meters high are one of the most remarkable natural attractions of the Moroccan Atlas. They allow the wadi Ouzoud, mountain torrent, abundant in all seasons, to join the canyon of Wadi El Abid one kilometer away.


    A path leads, among the olive trees, to the foot of the waterfall. This trail offers views increasingly close over the falls. You can descend to the depths of depression where the torrent rushes into a deafening noise.

    From the top of the falls, the view of the gulf is impressive. At the edge of the falls, several small flour mills installed in narrow cabins still work.

    In the thick foliage lining the waterfalls, visitors may have the chance to see monkeys in the wild.


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