Carriage ride

Carriage ride

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  •  Description: For over 200 years, the carriage is unavoidable figure of transportation in the streets of Marrakech.

    During your stay in the red city, you will certainly come across these green emerald convertible carts, pulled by horses quietly walking, which contrasts with the bustle of the city.

    Once inside the carriage, you will feel enveloped in a peaceful bubble, you can rest while enjoying the scenery and passers. Enjoy this moment of serenity to relax and leave the bustle of Marrakech behind you.

    From your hotel you can go on the horse-drawn carriage to the walls of the old town and you bypass the medina. Continuing the tour of the ramparts till you pass the Royal Palace and the ride will end at the edge of the gardens of Menara basin. From there, the driver will take you back to the hotel.


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